Popcorn & Other Delights

by Popcorn

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Popcorn began as a vehicle for legendary local front man Craig Downs and was my first project with drummer Eric Moore, but neither fellow was long for the band. Ultimately Popcorn mutated into a sort of refinement of the recently demised Lemonade with a new drummer (Dan Stuvland) and some swapping of roles (Danimal switched from bass to full time lead vocals while I abandoned guitar for bass). "Manik" Myk Thompson stayed on lead guitar, and we played a variety of originals - some new, some leftover from Lemonade and other projects, some to rear their heads yet again when Eric Moore, "Manik" Myk and I joined forces yet again in Rocket Park, which shared a similar aesthetic of hard, concise pop with occasional flights of fancy. We never did any professional recording, just enough ambitious four-track basement demos to fill out an album. Enjoy these now sounds for pop people!


released December 31, 1997

Dan "Danimal" O'Connell - lead vocals & percussion
Brian Andrew Marek - bass guitar, keyboards, guitars, vocals & percussion
"Manik" Myk Thompson - lead guitar, vocals & percussion
Dan "Stuvie" Stuvland - drums & percussion

4 & 7 by O'Connell
3, 10 & 15 by Thompson
all others by Marek

produced by Popcorn
engineered by BaM
recorded 1997 in Dogtown
ripped from cassette by BaM

cover from BaM's flyer for The Way Out Club 5/14/97
photos: Carrie Collins
management: Kernel Tom



all rights reserved


Brian Andrew Marek St Louis, Missouri

Brian Andrew Marek has been playing and singing his way in and out of a variety of bands (including Angus Tweed, Not Actual Size, Lemonade, Popcorn, Rocket Park, Bargain Basement and The Vertigo Swirl) for over 25 years and has, in recent years, carved out a low-key, low-fidelity niche with his Bargain Basement recording studio and Rubberstamp Records label. ... more

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Track Name: Kimberly Said
Kimberly said don't lose your head
you wouldn't be better off dead
loosen the reigns if she complains
don't get yourself all wrapped up in chains
well, she never really said it
but she might as well have

Kimberly knows anything goes
she tries to keep me on my toes
sometimes she waits or hesitates
sometimes she just blows off our dates
well, she does it all the time
I know she doesn't mean to

she's got her high beam headlamps
and her day-glo eyes
got me diving in a riverbed that never dries
she's got a new wave heart
and a disco mind
I don't know a thing about her
so she's just my kind
Track Name: Running from the Sun
you won’t find your pleasure
wincing at the slightest sign of pain
you won’t see your treasure
peering through sunglasses in the rain
you’re running from the sun
and missing all the fun

you won’t fix your wagon
leaving it to dry rot in its place
you won’t slay the dragon
petrified to look it in its face
you’re running from the sun
and missing all the fun

the road is long, the pavement’s rough
but those who are of stronger stuff
let no one know they’ve had enough
they go to sleep but never rest
knowing the journey is a test
that fails all but the very best

you won’t be a dancer
wasting time by holding up the wall
you won’t find the answer
making like there’s no question at all
you’re running from the sun
and missing all the fun