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by Brian Andrew Marek

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Reacquaint 02:55
don't call it a comeback, don't step on a thumbtack don't you step in something indiscrete not that I'm complaining when the rain is reigning but we have to keep it clean and neat we plan a crime for a predetermined time to happen in an unfamiliar place logistics through, let me get a look at you and let me reacquaint you with my face don't call it a sequel 'cos I'm hardly equal to the man I was so long ago but there's conversation, genuine elation moments with someone I really know never felt so wanted, never felt so haunted never saw it coming 'round the bend now we share our stories, revel in our glories make believe there never was an end
Headstrong 03:13
straight-up statisticians gonna compromise positions just to ask you why you do the things you do seeking facts & figures, asking why they aren’t bigger and providing lots of free advice to you headstrong, I’ve been feeling it so long I’ve been singing my own song I’ve been singing for you call me a cult hero when I’m feeling like a zero and I’ll tell you that my cult was never found call me well-respected when I feel I’ve been rejected and I’ll say it’s like I never made a sound I’m going out in the woods again I’m walking out of your sight I’m getting into a time machine it’s alright, it’s alright but through some persistance, I have moved a tiny distance and I’m grateful for the few who really care for they’ll tell the story of a shabby kind of glory and a shabby man who had a shabby flair
Let It Flow 03:53
wait for it, have some self control yeah I know time is slow but let it go, let it flow patience, my friend all too soon it ends yeah I know time is slow but let it go, let it flow Mr. Big Shot, you weren't well-taught give me time to breathe 'cos you're only gonna make me leave Mr. Big Shot, you turned red hot but I'm cooling down I don't really feel like hangin' 'round
See Me Sweat 03:12
have we progressed, or are we still a mess? we must continue what we’re doing hold down the fort while I make my report this is the day that I’ve been ruing must avoid detection at my next inspection I won’t let ‘em see me sweat are you in doubt that we can work it out? are you always so pessimistic? I must believe or I will have to leave or end up just one more statistic I foresee defection to another section I won’t let ‘em see me sweat have we been blessed or have we been oppressed held in these pens, denied the daylight we’ve seen the rich who scratch at every itch while here we are, denied the same right I’ll run for election to the resurrection I won’t let ‘em see me sweat
With a Heart 02:30
there is often danger in the kindness of a stranger so keep your head and keep your body smart take a lickin', keep on tickin' be the thing by which they're stricken don't forget you're vibing with a heart you don't need permission to go on a secret mission and you'll be gone before they even start looking for the supervillain who's been preying on the willin' don't forget you're vibing with a heart
I test my faith and don’t believe I go to work but never leave no relaxation comes from knowing everything I know and when my working hours are through I’m playing parlour games with you I’m listening to the Victrola and the radio thinking that I ought to go knowing that you’ll just say no the clock that doesn’t seem to move has knocked my needle from the groove I’m hearing all this white noise chatter from a year ago everybody's moving, it’s just some of them are slow everyone's unhappy 'cos they've got nowhere to go it's hard to focus on the task to have a question I can’t ask when there’s a million other hassles that disrupt my flow
were you so blinded by all the flash you dropped the subject and grabbed the cash? were you there for a bright, shiny thing? were you there for a glimpse of the king? did you make any friends who would stand by you? did you make any friends that you know will always be true? were you corrupted by the corrupt? was your volcano due to erupt? were you there just to take what you get? were you there just to earn your regret? you could be completely free if you would just choose to be have all your follies been this absurd? so needy/greedy, no dream deferred were you there for a taste of the past? were you there knowing it wouldn't last?
with your schoolboy smile and your elevator neck you're looking like someone I've already met mind your way if you wanna stay there's a bagful of dues that you gotta pay writing another wayward page stuck at an unenlightened age well, it's not surprising that you're traumatized your eyes are glazing over like you're hypnotized mind your way when you're walking home 'cos you're only inches from the fallout zone writing another wayward page stuck in an unenlightened age when we met down by the river in your voice I heard a quiver like you know you can't deliver that which you had sold
they bring such sensitivity to all their works they move in perfect sympathy with all the quirks here come the weakened warriors to sing and play here come the weekend worriers to save the day they bring their quiet dignity to every word they know there is no certainty of being heard living for the living, giving for the giving joining in a brand new dance hoping for redemption, wishing for exemption praying for another chance
my mind's adrift, debunking myths what Hell is this? then all too soon, retire to my room to lick my wounds I'm consumed by doubt and my luck is running out help connect the dots all I need's another shot everything I've got I give to you, you take from me take anything you see my mind's alert 'cos I've been hurt treated like dirt and so I hide somewhere inside unsatisfied
think fast, go slow, I know you know big boom go bust, paint peel, steel rust here in the land of the ampersand where all bad things go hand in hand here in the land of the ampersand where things don't go the way you'd planned here in the land of the ampersand you'll always find someone demanding more live fast, die young, well-heeled, well-hung big bust go boom in the bedroom my master says faster why won't he give it a rest I'm aching, I'm breaking he knows I'm doing my best live young, die fast, your tense is past can't have no fun, your race is run
Sparkle Room 02:38
soon I'll find the sparkle room the sandalwood perfume will surely set my spirit free I need a spot of tea and just the right LP to really get me back there I'll ride a highway into the sky it's a vision I will never retain I'm in a box washed up on the rocks again soon I'll find the sparkle room 'cos all this modern gloom will surely chase me back to it a space I always fit it doesn't hurt a bit I gotta find my way there I'm in a box washed up on the rocks it's a vision I will never retain I'll ride a highway into the sky again I know it's all complete make believe that doesn't make it easy to leave
That's It 02:34
that's it, I quit, I've grown so sick of it that's it, I quit, before I throw a fit that's it, I quit, that's it so long, I'm gone, this place is such a yawn so long, I'm gone to find a great beyond so long, I'm gone, so long yes I'm leaving, dodging, weaving jumping on that bus yes I'm going, never knowing what could come of us no doubt I'm out, it makes me wanna shout no doubt I'm out, I know what it's about no doubt I'm out, no doubt
Dead Again 06:06
darkness is the home of bad decisions that never live to see the light of day darkness is the place of my asylum when indiscretion gives the game away dead again find yourself a seat out in the foyer and while you're skimming through the magazines take some time to think of how you got here and wonder what your guilty conscience means dead again better shrink yourself down to a subatomic size or mutilate your features for the ultimate disguise or hide yourself away inside a hole 'til you are old and wise


anythingotherthan is the new solo album by Brian Andrew Marek, but it's anythingotherthan solo. Most of the album is built on basic tracks recorded live in the studio by BaM, Michael Thompson, Dan Stuvland, and Drew Aldrich. Three tracks were cowritten with Aldrich. Arrangements were developed by whoever played on that particular track.

Okay, fair enough. But how does it sound? How does it compare to previous chapters in the BaM saga? Well, it's similar to what has come before, but maybe a little more refined. Various flavors of pop rock flung out in every direction. Weird lyrics. Melancholy piano songs that sound like they were just rediscovered in some ancient attic. Sunshine guitars. The occasional production number and the flashes of instrumental firepower.

anythingotherthan ordinary.
anythingotherthan trendy.
anythingotherthan boring.


released March 27, 2023

engineered, mixed, and produced by Brian Andrew Marek
at Mid Century Recorders 1/16/22-3/6/23

Michael Allen Thompson: bass guitar (except 3, 8, 14)
Dan Stuvland: drums (except 3, 8, 14) & add'l percussion
Drew Aldrich: add'l guitar (3, 7, 8, 10),
add'l vocals (3, 8), cell phone Theremin (13)
Carlye Lehnen: triangle (14)
BaM: all other instruments and vocals
(bass and drums on 3, 8, 14)

"Let It Flow", "Unenlightened",
and "Take Anything" written by BaM and Drew
all other tracks written by BaM
all tracks but "Dead Again" (circa 1997) written in 2022
arrangements by whoever played on the song

photography by BaM
(except BaM portrait by Drew Aldrich)
layout and lettering by BaM

Thanks to everybody listed above,
and all others giving aid and comfort

Rubberstamp Records RSR-113


all rights reserved



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