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American Debris

by Brian Andrew Marek

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I'd Like 02:37
I’d like to know where I can go to get this feeling out of my mind and learn to be a little more kind more refined I’d like to be footloose and free but that ain’t gonna last me too long I always find a place to belong right or wrong I was just looking for a fun time I found a different point of view I laughed my way into the sunshine and later, at sunset found I had no regret for doing what I want to do I’d like to flee your tragedy but that ain’t gonna help me at all and that ain’t gonna cushion my fall from the wall
I want to be a keeper, it don't matter what I'm keeping just an outpost to look after while the populace is sleeping it may be just out by the tracks or somewhere in the woods it might be just a shanty or a warehouse full of goods look at me, I'm American debris I want to be a member of a lazy man's profession with nothing to distract me from my personal obsessions I could even break a sweat if that kept my mind free just give me some sounds to hear, just give me sight to see look at me, I'm American debris the train rolls on, I watch the scenery rubbish and greenery the train rolls on, I watch the scenery the scenery looks back at me
negative vibrations are turning into quakes it's all going downhill and no one can find the brakes pressure's building up, a volcano's gonna blow may as well stay put and watch The "No" Show folks are gettin' edgy, you can hear it in their breath jumping from the shadows, to conclusions, to the death does someone you care about, does someone you know put on their own version of The "No" Show? are you gonna wear a disguise so the goon squad won't take you by surprise? are you gonna keep up your lies when they shine that light right into your eyes? it's almost a given that somebody's gonna break disagree to disagree and tell you that you're fake we're the captive audience, not quite free to go we're all just bit players in The "No" Show
Lookin' 04:07
lookin’ through my candid camera lens lookin’ for a couple friends lookin’ for assurance that this never ends lookin’ for some time that I can kill lookin’ for a brand new thrill lookin’ for a good thing and I always will I wring my hands, I gnash my teeth but just how good is my good grief? oh woe is me, oh woe is you what can we do? lookin’ for an end to being bored lookin’ for an overlord lookin’ for a thing I know I can’t afford lookin’ for the signs of discontent lookin’ into what you meant lookin’ for approval that’s been heaven-sent
pondered the firmament wished I could fly saw where my money went never wondered why living in these times is going to send me to my doom leave me here in my electric womb this is no accident no happenstance only the penitent can join in the dance and carry on like nothing at all is wrong living in these times is going to send me to my doom leave me here in my electric womb living in these times is going to send me to my doom leave me here in my electric womb
I hold a candle for a girl from way back when not as she is today but how she was back then ain't that how it goes, I just say gee whiz that's how it was, but this is how it is I've been thinking of the things I used to when I was young and dumb and didn't have a clue when I had the spunk, when I had the fizz that's how it was, but this is how it is I've been from down to up, I've been from up to down I've been coast to coast, town to town, all around I've been from outer space to twenty thousand miles beneath the ground I have a memory from very long ago back when I had no cares because I didn't know that too much knowledge hurts, but baby, that's show biz that's how it was, but this is how it is
Stella Vista 04:48
there in Stella Vista, we'll spend out days pumping all pistons in reverse phase drink from the fountain and throw in a dime this is the mountain that you must climb, climb every time in Stella Vista, we'll spend out nights covered in blisters and neon lights don't need a pastor, won't misbehave won't be the master, ain't gonna slave, slave to the grave there in Stella Vista, we'll spend our lives shaming our sisters and swapping wives drink from the fountain and throw in a dime this is the mountain that you must climb, climb every time
this is happening to me, happening too quickly this is making me feel, making me feel sickly upside turnaround, call me glory bound am I halfway there? do I even care at all? I'm not gambling, just White Albuming don't go telling me that there oughta be a law there is love in all we do there is love among us we could live like superstars we could be humongous brand new day begins, fortune's wheel spins if you wait for fate, you won't have to wait for long
Maze 03:39
well they speak in hushed tones ‘bout the way I drive how I keep it on the road, keep myself alive keep on keeping on well there’s legends told ‘bout the way I walk how I pound the pavement, how I beat the clock how suddenly I’m gone but I’m not looking for your praise and I’m not looking for a raise no, I’m just trying to escape from this maze well they haven’t got the words for the things I say how I phrase my phrases in a funny way how I love wordplay well they just aren’t ready for the way I dress how it’s got me looking like a big success like I’m here to stay on and on, on and on the days are the same on and on, on and on an unending game
I’m caught in the crossfire with an ear-to-ear grin they think I’m a loser until they see me win I’m going to be myself and not who I have been I’m a cannonball expert and I’m quick on the draw they know I’m not flawless but they don’t know my flaw I’m going back down south and waiting for a thaw Mama, they’re talking and writing about me again but I am older and wiser than I was back then I live for adventure but I don’t see it here wish me happy travels and choke back a tear just close your eyes to me and I will disappear
Madam Judge 02:46
what is your ruling, Madam Judge? you've got the answers, all of the answers and you know just how all things should and shouldn't be less than perfection earns your rejection so don't mess around with me once you were broken, but you've awoken and now you just keep everybody else awake dismiss that juror for one that's purer pity me for pity's sake your kind will never starve because you eat your own your kind always ends up alone signal your virtue to those who hurt you and anybody else that doesn't want to know you led your neighbors into the chambers but the trial's just for show
playing with my own slot machine I want the scenery, not a scene I’ve got the situation well in hand how many who have seen my face mighta seen me some other place I’ve got the situation well in hand honing the art of telling lies aliases and a disguise I’ve got the situation well in hand urban decay and rural green plotting the spaces in between I’ve got the situation well in hand it’s easy when you say goodbye it’s harder when you try to leave it’s harder still when you return and don’t know what you should believe better shut operations down there’s something catchy goin’ ‘round I’ve got the situation well in hand no longer gonna push my luck ain’t gonna lie down in the muck I’ve got the situation well in hand
Waltz 05:07
we will drink each other's wine and breathe each other's air we will greet each other as we're passing on the stair we'll invent a future that is better than the past we'll invent a future that is guaranteed to last is it gonna be good? is it gonna be fine? are you into my scene? are you out of your mind? do you have any fears? do you have any doubt that it's gonna work out? we might grab a piece of cheese and grab a hunk of bread maybe we'll eat some dessert and trundle off to bed we'll wake up tomorrow and we'll plan the perfect day we'll wake up tomorrow and we might just run away


"For the last several years, St. Louis native Brian Andrew Marek has put out one or two or even three album projects per annum. This year, he’s already delivered three full length CDs – one from his prog/psych rock band the Vertigo Swirl, one from Angus Tweed, the band he was in a while back and which got together for some new recordings, and this fountain of melodic pop/rock solo record. He plays almost all the instruments here, with two guitar solos and one keyboard part contributed by others. Marek is an astoundingly prolific purveyor of tunefulness. The fourteen songs here are all tightly constructed, full of smartly catchy hooks, and a lot of inspiration. The lyrics are no slouch, either, though I concentrate so much on the music that it takes me a while to notice how clever he is." - Steve Pick, KDHX 88.1 FM, 3/1/22

This album should've been released some time ago. You can blame COVID. I do, anyway. Some things were delayed, others simply didn't happen and I had to accept and adapt. But now that it's all been said and done, I'm very proud of this collection.

I find myself thinking of it as the culmination of a trilogy beginning with Far & Away (More or Less). I'm not even sure why, beyond the human tendency to think in threes. Perhaps you can work it out. Maybe I already suspect the next solo album will be... different?

The title track was inspired by a contemplative trip on an Amtrak train bound for Chicago, watching the small town world pass by while considering my place in this big, confusing country. There may be a whiff of that sentiment elsewhere, but it's not a concept album by any means. Some songs are about the larger world, some are personal, and a few I'm not even sure I fully understand.

I did all the vocals, and played all the instruments. The exceptions this time are Lyla Turner, who presented me with some lovely symphonic keyboard parts which I chopped up and embellished to bring you "Electric Womb", and the ever-reliable Michael Thompson, who provided some guitar and bass. Darren Snow took the perfect cover photograph I'd been envisioning, and had a couple others up his sleeve that worked thematically.

Sorry for the almost three year wait, but hopefully the results are at least somewhat worth it. Stay safe out there, BaM


released February 1, 2022

all songs written by Brian Andrew Marek
except "Electric Womb" (Turner/Marek)

Michael Allen Thompson:
guitar solos on 2 & 3
bass guitar on 12
inspiration for the synth solo on 10

Lyla Turner:
keyboards on 5

all other instruments and vocals by BaM

arranged, engineered, mixed, and produced by BaM
recorded 2019-2020 at Wise Guise Studios (RIP)
and Mid Century Recorders
2nd engineer: Carlye Lehnen

photography: Darren Snow & Carlye Lehnen

Special thanks to... YOU!
And everybody listed in the above album credits.
And all the usual suspects at Infinite Spin & KDHX.

Also, here's some folks I might not have thanked
previously (or at least not in a long time):
Fred Friction, Dave Harris, Robert Hedges, Skye Lacerte,
Mike Martin, Donna Mingo, Eric Moore, Dan O'Connell,
Kjle Risch, Dominic Schaeffer, John Sebben,
Mark Stephens, and Rich Wooten

for lyrics and more visit

Rubberstamp Records RSR-065


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