A Visit into Foreign Kitchens EP

by Brian Andrew Marek

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released August 24, 2015

written, arranged and produced
by Brian Andrew Marek
mostly at stately Skjle Manor
July 25th - August 23rd 2015

lead guitar on "Keys" by Kjle Risch
all other instrumental and vocal
performances by Brian Andrew Marek

photography by Kjle



all rights reserved


Brian Andrew Marek St Louis, Missouri

Brian Andrew Marek has been playing and singing his way in and out of a variety of bands (including Angus Tweed, Not Actual Size, Lemonade, Popcorn, Rocket Park, Bargain Basement and The Vertigo Swirl) for over 25 years and has, in recent years, carved out a low-key, low-fidelity niche with his Bargain Basement recording studio and Rubberstamp Records label. ... more

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Track Name: Captain Captain (EP version)
Captain captain, thanks for stopping
thanks for taking me aboard
I was sinking, I was drowning
I was pleading with my Lord

Lost at sea and half insane
I wrestled with a hurricane
captain captain, thank you once again

Captain captain, name my duties
tell me how to earn my keep
and if I should ever fail you
cast me in the briny deep

Please excuse my vacant stare
the fear behind my eyes
coming up to gasp for air
beneath the stormy skies

Captain captain, I’m no martyr
I’m the one who made this bed
but while riding in this vessel
I’ll respect the figurehead
Track Name: Steel Strings #2
too many times you’ve broken, too many times by me
a lot of major damage my ears will never see
your frets may buzz a little, you may have many dings
but I’d do anything to get back my steel strings
bring back my steel strings

I loved you from the get-go, you were an Epiphone
I had an ‘80s Sigma but I felt all alone
no money was exchanged then, you simply joined my things
I held you in my arms and I played your steel strings
bring back my steel strings

but I took you for granted and put you on your stand
I picked up other axes while playing with my band
but they can’t give me what your familiar fretboard brings
now I cry a cappella without my silver strings
bring back my steel strings
Track Name: I'll Stay With You, Mary
we ought to wait
but we cannot
we cross the tracks
you cry, “my foot's caught”

I'll stay with you, Mary
though you beg me to go
I'll stay with you, Mary
though the ground rumbles down below, below

the flagman tries
so hard but fails
to pull your leg
out from the steel rails

I shield you from
the iron horse
one last embrace
as we're hit full force
Track Name: Keys
I’ve got the key to my office
I’ve got the key to my car
I’ve got the key to my suitcase
but I don’t have the key to my home

You took the key to the front door
you took the key to the back
you took the key to the basement
‘cos I don’t have the key to your heart

The load’s lighter in my left pocket
but not in my heart
the load’s lighter in my left pocket
since we’ve been apart

Is there a key to this madness?
is there a key to our mess?
is there a key to escape this?
I just can’t find the key anymore
Track Name: Not a Bad Life
at night I think about the times
I wasn't punished for my crimes
when I knew I was to blame
the magic moments when I thrived
the close calls that I have survived
dodging bullets with my name

it's not a bad life, really
it's really not that bad

at night I think of all I own
and everybody that I've known
in this crazy life so far
if I could have just one of each
you'd be the one thing in my reach
other than this old guitar

shooby dooby doo wop bop
shooby dooby doo wop bop

at night I sit and contemplate
the gentle nature of my fate
and I know that I am blessed
at night I thank the stars above
that I was not afraid to love
but saved you the very best